CoreOS on Windows


Recently I wanted to run CoreOS on Windows somehow to do some development with Docker and Kubernetes. I use Windows as my main development platform, so I decided to have a go at getting it running.

Qemu on Windows

Qemu has been built for Windows and is available. Unfortunately it seems features such as fsdev are not available on the Windows build. Additionally virtio does not seem to function.

CoreOS Installation Docs

CoreOS provides a script that can supposedly start Qemu/CoreOs. The script, despite checking many things, does not function on Windows / Cygwin. Hacking at the script I got it running on Cygwin, but really the script should be rewritten from scratch to be less crappy. Optimally a script to start Qemu on Windows would use Strawberry Perl with Gnuwin32 tooling and skip Cygwin altogether. I will throw together a script that does this, as there is no trivial way to get an instance of CoreOS up and running on Windows with Qemu currently.

Setup Process